Dubai: Bangladeshi wins 2 years’ worth of salary with Dh5 ticket from Dream Draw

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Noman “Rafi” Hosen with his Dream Draw keychain. EXPAT MEDIA

A Bangladeshi electrician in Dubai has gotten the equivalent of 2 years’ worth of salary after winning Dh35,000 in Dream Draw.

Speaking to Expat Media, Noman “Rafi” Hosen said he was thrilled when he found out that he won the grand prize in the Mega 4 raffle of Dream Draw on Thursday (May 23). He also won an extra Dh1,000 in the same draw as a minor prize for another entry, bringing his total winnings to Dh36,000.

The 23-year-old said he is thankful and excited to have won because he only earns Dh1,500 per month. He bought his winning entry for Dh5 at a grocery store in Al Qouz, close to where he lives.

“I haven’t told my family yet. I plan to surprise them myself and come home next week,” Rafi told Expat Media on Friday (May 24).

The young Bangladeshi arrived in Dubai just last year to support his family. Rafi said the windfall will change his family’s life and he knows they will use the money to invest in property or business.

“I plan to give most of the money to my family because I came here to support them, and winning in Dream Draw is a huge bonus,” he said. The only thing he will buy for himself? “Just a bicycle,” he answered with a smile. A Dream Draw representative then handed him his cash prize.

Rafi said he has been buying Dream Draw entries every day for the last month and picks a combination of his favorite numbers. A Dh5 purchase of a Dream Draw keychain serves as entry to the daily draw. “I encourage everyone to just keep on trying. It could be your lucky day next,” Rafi said. ICA/Expat Media

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