Dubai court upholds jail, deportation for duo over attempted kidnapping in Dubai Investments Park

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The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a verdict of three years in jail followed by deportation for two Asians who attempted to kidnap a couple and stole Dh11,000 from the woman.

The case dates back to October last year when the woman and her boyfriend were attacked in a parking lot in Dubai Investments Park. A security guard alerted police about the incident.

According to the woman’s boyfriend, a number of people assaulted them while they were in the car at 3am. He said one of the attackers threatened his girlfriend with a knife before trying to force her into their vehicle.

A scuffle broke out, and one of the attackers seized the woman’s bag. The group then fled in their car, but not before running over the woman, who was badly injured.

Police formed a team to identify and track down the attackers. Two were later arrested. During interrogation, they admitted to robbing the woman, saying they were told that she had money and could be kidnapped. The men said they also installed a GPS device in the woman’s vehicle so they could track her and find the opportunity to attack her. ICA/Expat Media

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