Dubai beautician jailed for trying to blackmail ex-lover of Dh1 million

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A 45-year-old beautician in Dubai is now in jail for trying to blackmail her Australian lover for Dh1 million.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the Polish woman to three months in jail to be followed by deportation.

According to records, the beautician had an affair with the Australian man, 67, who works as a consultant in Dubai. She reportedly got angry after finding out that he was married.

She then tried to blackmail him and threatened to expose their illicit affair to his wife, children and other family members unless he paid her Dh1 million.

The man’s lawyer, Awatif Mohammad from Awatif Shoqi Advocates, told the court that the Australian man paid her Dh300,000 but that she persisted with her threats.

The lawyer also said that the woman sent her ex-lover a “series of disrespectful messages” after they broke up in March 2023, six months after they met. The woman also allegedly sent intimate photos of them to the man’s wife, children and family.

The Australian filed a police report against her last year as well as a civil case demanding compensation of Dh51,000 for emotional damages.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted the woman in her criminal case, and also ordered the referral of a separate civil case against her at the Dubai Civil Court. ICA/Expat Media

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