Dubai arrests 494 phone scammers targeting bank customers

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A group of phone scammers arrested by Dubai Police.

The Dubai Police has arrested 494 people involved in 406 phone fraud cases targeting bank customers.

According to Dubai Police, the scammers posed as bank representatives to convince victims to “update  banking information”, which they would then use to access their savings and bank accounts.

Police said the group used phone calls, SMA, emails and social media to scam people. Police have seized money, mobile phones, laptops and SIM cards in their possession.

Brigadier Harib Al Shamsi, Acting Director of the General Department for Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police said the scammers contacted their victims and claimed that their accounts or bank cards would be blocked or frozen if their banking information was not updated.

Al Shamsi said that banks do not solicit banking information updates via telephone. “Customers are advised to update their details directly through the banks’ branches, official customer service representatives, or authenticated banking applications,” he said.

The police official also urged victims of such scams to report incident via the Police Eye feature on the Dubai Police App, the eCrime platform, the Smart Police Station (SPS), or by calling the hotline 901. ICA/Expat Media

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