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Drug money possession in UAE punishable with jail, Dh100,000 minimum fine


Possession of money from drug dealing is a crime punishable with jail time in the UAE plus a minimum fine of Dh100,000, according to the UAE Public Prosecution on Monday (June 6).

The Public Prosecution explained that under the UAE law on Combatting Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, “any person who possesses, conceals or deals with money earned by dealing drugs shall be imprisoned and fined not less than Dh100,000, provided there exists enough evidence to proof the money’s links to drug dealing.”

For drug users, however, the UAE has revised its law starting on January 2 ending mandatory deportation of expat drug addicts, focusing instead on their rehabilitation during detention.

Also, possession of food, drinks or products that contain marijuana, hashish or THC found in cannabis will no longer be a criminal offence. Violators will not face jail time, but the items will be confiscated and destroyed.

The UAE has also revised its law to issue fines instead of jail terms to people found guilty of drug possession for personal use.

First -time offenders will be fined between Dh10,000 to Dh30,000, while a third offense will invite a fine of Dh50,000. ICA/Expat Media

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