US President Donald Trump.


Trump should take a hard stand against racial tension, says Hlase Baloyi


I’ve been thinking about Trump and his strong push to identify radical Islam by name. I wonder why he won’t identify white supremacist movements by name.

I can see the complexity of some of these things. Perhaps he feels like it’s certain people’s right to feel that way, or perhaps he feels he has to play his cards well as those members may also represent a support base for him.

I urge the president to take a hard stand against all of this racial tension and violence, whether it be the Alt-right or whether it be the Antifa.

The president ought to have the vocal power to speak on these issues, and with a purpose to bridge the gap and bring about peace.

Trump has benefitted from people being at odds with each other. Why not take up this opportunity to bring about understanding and compromise?

I am urging the president to mediate the madness. This group that may contain his supporters is becoming badly behaved, and a counter group has arisen.

At some point he has to realize that his own personal legacy may suffer if all this continues, but more importantly it’s a opportunity for him to take the country to a higher level by recognising the realities in front of us.


Hlase Baloyi, a lawyer by profession, moved to the US from Zimbabwe 20 years ago. He lives in Washington DC. Follow him on Facebook


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