How to deal with a rowdy child or crying baby during a flight


Regular travellers know too well how uncomfortable it is to be seated next to a crying baby or a rowdy kid during a flight, especially on a long-haul trip.

According to a Travel and Leisure article, a Harris Interactive survey showed that 37 percent of passengers prefer to be seated beside a smelly person than a crying infant.

Travel and Leisure shares tips on what a passenger can do to deal with a crying baby or a misbehaving tot.

*If the child is an infant, try to be sympathetic. Avoid intervening because it won’t help. Wear earplugs like a pair of noise-reducing headphones or ear buds.

*With regard an older child that is misbehaving like kicking the back of your seat, a flight attendant interviewed by Travel and Leisure said the passenger concerned is “well within his or her right to speak up.”

The flight attendant recommended speaking directly to the child. “It is much (more) real for a child when they are addresed by a stranger,” the flight attendant said.

If that doesn’t work, try talking to the parent and if all else fails, ask a flight attendant to intervene to prevent the situation from escalating, Travel and Leisure recommended.

Aside from being an authority figure on the plane, flight attendants often have diversions for children. “Usually, planes (are stocked) with coloring books and things for kids to do,” the flight attendant said. GAC/Expat Media


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