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7 things to considering before choosing a UAE home


DUBAI – New faces, change of weather, unheard of languages and unfamiliar places are enough things to adjust to, and an uncomfortable or impractical home should certainly not be one of them. But for new (in some cases even old) expats deciding on their new habitat becomes a challenge between “need” and “want”.

To assist them with making the right choices and moreover knowing what to consider, I have compiled the below list that should form the basis of why you choose to live where you live.


Enough and more has been said about this attribute of choice in real estate and it is all the more important when choosing to rent a home. Be wise with this decision more than anything else. While accessibility to every day essentials is important, you do not want to be smack in the middle of the mall and make your time at home a perpetual suffering through noise and mayhem. While you may want to be close to certain landmarks, just ensure you have the peace you need to call a house your home.

Know your landlord

Is it an individual or are they a “no name” investment company known for shifting the goalpost and rent ever so often, which means you might not be welcome there after a year? Try and opt for companies who have a history in ‘building to rent’ long term whether its family offices or well established asset management companies.


Not to be confused with location. Even if you reside in a different emirate than where you work or study make sure you have a clear access to the road network that makes the daily commute easier.


Ask if the building has a maintenance contract with a reputable company; you don’t really want to wait three days for a plumber to fix your toilet.

Know your neighbors

Always inquire who lives in the building. If you are a family with young children you’d want to feel comfortable by sharing a neighborhood with people with a similar lifestyle.

Ask about the house rules

You surely do not want to move to a non-pet friendly neighborhood with a house full of cats and would definitely want to be comfortable knowing that personalizing your new home with a certain level of interior design without being hit with fines. (Paint and artwork; not taking down a wall though!)


The devil is in the details and yes there are still buildings in the UAE that charge a separate fee for parking. Just make sure yours is not one of them.

Haleema Humaid Al Owais is the CEO of Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Real Estate. 


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