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Dance workouts are not only fun, they’re a great form of exercise


Dance workout, anyone?

As children, many of us would have dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina and participating in some form of dance, whether it be ballet, tap or jazz. As adults, however, we tend to move away from dance as a passion, often believing it is an activity no longer meant for us or one we don’t find the time to fit in.

This couldn’t be more wrong! Dance is a great form of exercise and expression, offering a platform for creative flow. Here’s why you should choose dance as your next work out.

Come to express

Dance can be a source of empowerment, fostering imagination, growth and self-awareness. Through the power of dance, you can interpret and reveal your emotions and find what inspires you. Feel as your body moves to the music, performing with creative expression.

Natural high

Whether it be Flamenco, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, or Ballroom, dance is a workout, and like any form of exercise, it gets your blood pumping and those endorphins going. Nothing beats how you feel after a great workout, and although it may be tedious when running on a treadmill, dance offers the same benefits but far more enjoyable!

Confidence boost

Dance is a great way to increase confidence as it is all about presentation and moving with conviction. Each step is to be deliberate and performed with your head held high. A dancer in their very nature must be perceived as confident in their movement, especially when performing in front of an audience. Although as a beginner, you may be uneasy at first, continuing in learning the skills required and seeing steady improvement will naturally provide you with increased confidence.

Out of your comfort zone

As the saying goes, all great things happen outside of your comfort zone. Of course, you can stick to your regular exercise routine, but it is equally important to try new things, no matter what age we are. You never know, you might just find that you have a hidden talent.

It is fun!

Although dance has its disciplines and requires practice, the best part about dance is it is fun! Think of all the times you have been at a party – the best times are had on the dance floor. No one expects you to be a professional when you attend a dance class, and the most important part is to enjoy yourself. Think of the class you take as your little community, with everyone there just looking to have a good time whilst getting some exercise.


Teresa Fellion is the Head of Dance at StudioRepublik, the newly opened 65,000 sq. ft fitness and wellness facility on Sheikh Zayed Road 


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