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Can you develop compatibility in a relationship?


WASHINGTON – My pastor preached a sermon on dating. One aspect of that sermon that I found particularly profound was when he said that good character can be a means leading to compatibility.

I remember thinking how interesting this idea was, in the backdrop of our general fixation on that very concept of compatibility.

The idea that compatibility is not always something staring us right in the face, but can actually be achieved over time and by experiencing the good character of a person, is kind of radical, wouldn’t you say?

How many of us didn’t give a relationship much of a chance because of “lack of compatibility?”

How many of us tell ourselves, and others, that compatibility is an absolute MUST in order to continue in a relationship?

I think I agree with my pastor on this particular issue.

I believe that you can actually just love someone, and keep loving them and showing them good character, and in some way, if they love you back, you can create a compatibility that was not visible in the beginning of the relationship.

I’m not eliminating criteria that may overlap with what looks like compatibility. I’m just saying that sometimes the way you treat someone and how they treat you can actually foster a relationship that breeds compatibility.

Something for all of us to think about.

Hlase Baloyi is a US-based professional and law graduate. Follow him on Facebook 


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