Binignit is a Filipino dessert soup that originated from Central Visayas.


Why binignit is the ultimate Lent season dish


CEBU CITY –  It’s that time of the year again when people in the Philippines are eating binignit.

It is a dish traditionally served on a Good Friday. It is this period when Catholics avoid eating meat and simply opt for something light, such as binignit.

Binignit, or bilo-bilo as it is called in other parts of the Philippines, is a Filipino dessert soup that originated from Central Visayas.

The sweet concoction is made with a variety of ingredients, primarily glutinous rice balls, sliced sweet potato, ube, taro, ripe jackfruit, saba banana, sago pearls, and landang, a native tapioca made of palm flour. These are all cooked together in coconut milk and sweetened with brown sugar.

As this Holy Week is a time for reflection and the observance of fasting and abstinence, some people say that not being starved does help with their reflection, so of course binignit comes to the picture and I guess it does have a role to play.

On a Good Friday, it is customary for Filipino households to prepare binignit. One is so lucky when they have neighbors or relatives who give them binignit and they end up with a collection of binignit in different colors.

In Cebu, binignit is such a popular snack that you can have it all year round.

Though on a deeper note, the Lenten season calls us to reflect on our faith. As the old folks here would ask, “Don’t you feel guilty that you are sweating as you eat binignit and you are watching Siete Palabras or The Seven Last Words as Jesus Christ is suffering?” Makes you think doesn’t it?

But pandemic or no pandemic, nothing can stop us from having binignit, right?

So on your next visit to the Queen City of the South, make sure to have a bowl of happiness. Cebu’s favorite Lenten season delicacy: binignit. FAY/Expat Media

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