Abu Dhabi sees surge in prenuptial agreements

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Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court has witnessed an increase in prenuptial agreements

The Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court has witnessed an increase in prenuptial agreements this year.

Around 250 prenup agreements were made in the first seven months of the year, with the service available to both residents and tourists, and can be completed on the same day as a civil marriage.

Byron James, partner at Abu Dhabi law firm Expatriate Law, highlighted the popularity of prenuptial agreements among ultra-high net worth individuals. He mentioned that in the past few months, they have handled four such agreements for UAE residents who would have got married somewhere else outside of Abu Dhabi’s family court regime.

Byron added that four ultra-high net worth individuals registering premarital agreements in a short time is a significant trend, and these individuals in the UAE choose to protect their assets by marrying locally. Ultra-high net worth individuals typically have investable income over $30 million.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court, established in December 2021, handles various cases related to marriage, divorce, custody, inheritance, and personal status. It operates under a non-Sharia process, reflecting comprehensive legal reforms that prioritize equal rights and protection for all residents, regardless of their religion or background. JAC/Expat Media

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