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9 great remote work tips from the pros


DUBAI – Is working from home putting you in near panic? Here are some top tips from the remote team of visual communications tool Piktochart to help you make your remote work experience as successful as it can be.

Make the bed as soon as you wake up

Making your bed every morning can have a bigger impact than you think. It sets the tone for the entire day and puts you on a productive mindset.

Schedule time for exercise

Daily exercise reduces stress and gives you the stamina you need to work longer, so don’t let it take a back seat when you are working from home.

Get dressed for work

It’s tempting to stay in your PJs, but getting dressed in a work outfit will make you feel like you’re at work and not at home so you are more determined to get your work done.

Don’t work from your bed

Bringing work into bed can mess with your sleep and hurt productivity. Keep your mind off sleep by taking your work out of the bedroom and into a separate, organized workspace.

Have a to-do list

Before you begin your work, write down all the tasks you need to do for the day. This helps you stay organized and focused on what needs to be accomplished.

Set ground rules with people in your space

If you have family members who are home while you are still working, give them clear rules about what they can and cannot do during your work hours.

Be virtually connected

Don’t be a hermit. Stay e-connected using tools like Slack and Zoom to chat with workmates, and use programs like Jira and Google Drive to collaborate with remote colleagues.

Give yourself breaks

When your focus starts to wane, have quick breaks, whether it is to grab coffee and doughnut, listen to your favorite podcast, or go for a quick workout. You’ll come back energized for a new task.

Cut yourself some slack

Working from home can be a big transition and you might feel like you’re not getting anything done at first. Don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of things soon. Go easy on yourself.


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