6 legal ways to work in UAE: MOHRE publishes list

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6 legal work patterns in the UAE: MOHRE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has reiterated the six legal ways that employees can work in the UAE, recently publishing a list of approved work patterns in the country.

According to MOHRE, laws regulating the UAE labour market offer six work patterns aimed to “strengthen the work environment and attract national and global talents to the private sector.”

The updated labour laws follow a decree by late UAE president  Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan allowing employees to work part-time, temporary or flexible jobs, enabling them to engage in more than one job. The updated labour laws were implemented on February 2, 2022.

Here are the six allowed work patterns in the UAE:


Working for one employer throughout all working days. The contract under the new law covers hours or days of performance.


Working for one or more employers for a specific number of working hours or specific working days. The work scheme was implemented in 2022. Part-time work allows employees to work for one or more employers for specific hours or days.

Temporary work

A work completed during a specific period or focuses on a specific work and ends with its completion. Temporary work is contractual based on a specific period or on a per project basis.

Flexible work

A work whose working hours depend on the volume of work and the economic and operational variables. Flexible work allows employees to work at different times, depending on the conditions and requirements of the job, in addition to their full-time job. For UAE government employees, flexible work is allowed during Fridays, but employees must get their manager’s approval. The work system is not mandatory for private sector companies.

Remote work

All or part of the work is performed remotely. In 2022, the UAE implemented a new Remote Work Visa that allows employees to live in the UAE but work for a company based outside the country. The visa will be under self-sponsorship. It is valid for one year, and can be renewed for another year. Read more

Job sharing

Tasks and duties are divided between several employees to complete the agreed-upon tasks.



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