6 laptop myths busted: debunking common misconceptions

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Debunking 6 laptop myths to save your device

How can you make your laptop live longer? We debunk 7 of the common laptop myths that you need to stop believing.

Myth: Using the charger will shorten your laptop’s life.

Your laptop actually performs better when the charger is plugged in, particularly if you are doing heavy editing work or have multiple apps open.

Myth: Draining your battery won’t matter.

Avoid draining your laptop battery as this will shorten its life quickly. Recharge before the battery life hits zero.

Myth: It’s safe to work with your laptop on your bed.

Never place your laptop on top of your bed or pillow while working as this will trap heat and cause your machine to overheat, which slows its performance. Constant overheating may deteriorate the hardware inside the laptop, which can damage sensitive parts of cause the battery to bloat and explode. It is advisable to use a cooling pad.

Myth: Keyboard covers protect your laptop.

Using rubber keyboard covers actually causes overheating. The little spaces on your keyboard actually act as ventilation or exhaust for your machine. Let them be.

Myth: Plugging your cooling pad on your laptop’s USB port is harmless.

If you are using a cooling pad, never plug in its USB cable directly to your computer’s USB ports to power its fans. A faulty cooling pad could damage the motherboard when it is directly plugged to a laptop’s USB port. You should use a separate power source for your cooling pad.

Myth: You can preserve your laptop battery by removing it and using the charger instead.

If you have a laptop with a removable battery, never remove the battery to just use your charger to power your laptop.

You probably think removing the battery will prolong its life, but what you are actually doing is putting your laptop’s motherboard at risk of being damaged due to sudden electricity surges from the power outlet to your charger. The battery acts like a shield against such power surges. Without it, electricity surges go directly to your laptop.

Once your motherboard is damaged, it will be costly to repair it or replace it. It will cost you almost the same as a new laptop.

Moi Adz is a specialist at Wormhole Information Technology in Dubai

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