What does it take to clinch a job?


Susan Vitale, the chief marketing officer of talent acquisition software provider iCIMS, suggests five steps that a job seeker should make as a habit “to put you in front of the job applicant pack”.

They are:

Know your prospective company’s mission

An applicant should go to the website of the company where he or she intends to apply for a job and know about the firm. Click on “About Us” or “Our Difference” section and “practice your responses to popular interview questions to highlight how your previous experiences make you a strong fit within that company’s mission,” Vitale said.

Be the candidate the company is searching for

Review the company’s career section and corporate culture in order to get an insight on the kind of candidate that the company is looking for.

Read the company’s press and/or news releases

A candidate can read the company’s past product or technology launches to see if the firm has been active or not for the past month. A job applicant can speak about it, its impact on the company’s future and how he or she can contribute to it.

Be aware of what’s happening in the industry

Vitale said a job applicant should “find out who the other players are in the organization’s space and what makes the company better.” “A few strategic Google searches can make you more knowledgeable about the firm’s clients and competitors. The more you know about the firm and its clients and competition, the better the company will like you,” she stressed.

Get to know your future colleagues

Know the company’s organizational structure and officers. Vitale said a job seeker can use LinkedIn “to have a good sense of who he or she might be working with, what they value and how they position their professional experience.” She also said, “not only will a job applicant be able to prep some speaking points about his or her past experiences, he or she will even be more confident meeting the hiring team.” GAC/Expat Media


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