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Burst tyres caused 110 deaths in UAE in 12 months


DUBAI – Poorly maintained tyres can cause fatal traffic accidents, with authorities saying that there were 110 deaths and more than 1,100 injuries due to burst tyres in the UAE last year.

The Ministry of Interior recently released the shocking new figures, which revealed that burst tyres were the cause of 785 accidents in the UAE in 2018.

This sparked an awareness campaign led by the Federal Traffic Council, which warned motorists of the dangers of using poorly maintained tyres.

Tyres play a key role in vehicle safety, therefore they must be in the right condition at all times.

Badly maintained tyres can cause reduced road handling, particularly in wet conditions. These tyres can also take your vehicle up to twice the normal braking distance to stop, increasing chances of a collision.

Poorly maintained tyres are also prone to bursting, which results in loss of control of the vehicle and can lead to fatal accidents. ICA/Expat Media


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