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10 things you should never forget to disinfect


DUBAI – With Covid-19 bringing out the clean freak in us these days, we are all more conscious about killing germs on everything that we touch daily.

But beyond the obvious places, there are other not-so-common areas within our home where germs and bacteria just love to grow. You might not even have thought of them!

We spoke to SteriOx chief business development officer Dmitry Anisimov on the hidden germ spots where bacteria love to lurk that we should give a thorough clean.

1. Groceries

Research carried out by the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that COVID-19 can in fact live on surfaces including copper for up to 4 hours, cardboard for up to 24 hours and plastic and steel for up to 72 hours. With this in mind, before you bring your groceries into your home, it is definitely worth giving them a spray of disinfectant to ensure nothing is brought inside.

2. Your handbag or purse

Presuming you take this with you whenever you leave the house, it can potentially be a magnet for picking up germs. You may place it on the counter of public restrooms whilst washing your hands and then onto your kitchen countertop when you return home so it is imperative that you keep it clean and sterile.

3. Your kitchen sponges

Soaking up bacteria is what your kitchen sponge does best. Always keep it sprayed with disinfectant to prevent any bacteria from lurking around your sink.

4. Credit cards

These essentials are handled by lots of people and passed back and forth. Think of all the germs hiding out in the crevices of the numbers on your card. Give them a spray of disinfectant and let them air dry before placing back in your clean wallet.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

The tool that does the cleaning for us but how many times do you clean the handle and the attachment tools?

vacuum cleaner housemaid

6. Underneath your rugs

We may hoover our rugs as a matter of course but it is important to not forget to flip them over and do the underside where dust and dirt can be trapped.

7. Remote controls

Passed from person to person as we take charge of the TV, these dirt magnets require a good spray of disinfectant daily to ensure thorough sanitisation. You can also use a toothpick to help get inside those button crevices.

8. Light switches

Again, these are touched multiple times a day and should be cleaned often to remove any traces of germs and nasties.

9. Car keys

These go everywhere with you and rest on many surfaces from checkout supermarkets to kitchen counters and inside handbags; thus, need a regular wipe down to remove germs and bacteria. In addition don’t forget to disinfect all surfaces inside your car too. As we bring our groceries into the car in carrier bags, it’s important to remember to clean all of the surfaces including the steering wheel and gears too.

10. Yoga mat

If you are trying to keep fit whilst at home and you’re using a mat to exercise on, sweat from your hands and feet can lead to bacteria growth. Simply spray down with disinfectant and keep your mat fresher for much longer.

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