Clockwise, from left: Zeinab Harake, Ivana Alawi, Donna Bartolome and Alex Gonzaga.


Wilbert Tolentino exposé: Zeinab Harake calls influencers ‘trash’

Social media influencer Zeinab Harake has revealed that she apologized to Ivana Alawi, Alex Gonzaga and several other celebrities following a vlog by businessman Wilbert Tolentino.

In a live video on Monday (October 24), a visibly shaken Zeinab addressed the controversies hurled at her by Tolentino, who showed screenshots of her messages to him.

“Everyone that I mentioned to her she called ‘trash’,” Wilbert said in Filipino, explaining how Zeinab disapproved of his suggestions to collaborate with other social media influencers.

Wilbert said he uploaded his controversial vlog to clear his name after Zeinab’s cryptic post on social media that caused netizens to bash him, “damaging” his reputation. He said that he tried to reach out to Zeinab for months, but that she ignored him and also unfriended him.

Wilbert revealed that he worked closely with Zeinab in the past after paying her for promoting the YouTube channel of his entertainment bar. The businessman said Zeinab also secretly made money off his collaboration with comedienne Herlene Budol.

Wilbert said that Zeinab tried to dissuade him from working with other social media influencers by belittling them, including her best friend Donnalyn Bartolome.

Screenshots of conversations between Zeinab and Wilbert showed Zeinab claiming that Alex Gonzaga charged P500,000 for a collaboration that lacked promotion, adding that she has a stronger impact than Alex.

Zeinab also dismissed a collaboration with Ivana, suggesting that the actress is arrogant despite not being hugely popular. She also described actor Robi Domingo as having “no market”.

Zeinab went on to describe her friend Jelai as “sabaw”, which is Filipino slang for stupid, and jeered at a suggested collaboration with TikTok star Whamos Cruz.

Zeinab also warned Wilbert against a collaboration with music artist Madam Inutz, saying that the social media hype she will bring will not last long.

Following Wilbert’s video, actress and social media star Toni Fowler, who was named in the vlog, also took to social media to lash out at Zeinab.

“Don’t you dare call my Toro family ‘trash’,” Fowler said in Filipino. “You think of us as trash? You’re an influencer but you are like that? Don’t think too highly of yourself,” she said, calling Zeinab “one huge trash afraid of losing subscribers”.

In her video response, Zeinab denied talking against her bestfriend vlogger Donna, and said her message about Jelai was “cropped” and claimed it was meant to be a “joke”.

On Ivana, Zeinab revealed they had issues in the past and that the star unfollowed her, but that they were able to sort it out. She said she has apologized over the latest controversy.

Zeinab also apologized to everyone mentioned in Wilbert’s vlog, and said she was “sorry, sorry, sorry”. She denied that her controversial post was not aimed at Wilbert.

Zeinab said she unfriended a lot of people to take care of her mental health following her breakup with rapper Skusta Clee, real name is Daryl Ruiz, with whom she has a child.

She ended her live video by blaming Daryl for causing all the troubles in her life, and warned that “karma” will come. ICA/Expat Media

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