Young visionaries transforming UAE business landscape with Filipino culture

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Juan Miguel Evangelista Salas of Malaya Group of Companies. Photo by Piktura Productions, graphics by Ysabelle Evangelista Salas and glam by Mike Siapno

A dynamic group of young entrepreneurs, bound by lifelong camaraderie and a shared vision, is making waves in the UAE business scene.

These enterprising bachelors, who have known each other since their school days, are harnessing the power of Filipino culture and image to create a unique niche in the competitive UAE market with Malaya Technical Solutions in IT, Miles & More Trading and e-commerce hub Buntal Business Solutions.

Birth of a vision

Led by the visionary Juan Miguel Evangelista Salas, this tight-knit team is rewriting the playbook for success. Their journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to blend the rich heritage of the Philippines with innovative business practices. Their mission? To elevate Philippine businesses to a state-of-the-art level, all while leaving a positive impact on society.

Salas says: “We have miles to go, but every step we take is a proof to our determination. Let’s keep moving forward, fueled by purpose and guided by our shared vision. The road may be long, but the impact we create along the way will go far beyond our reach.”

Salas’s words remind us that success isn’t just about reaching the destination; it’s about the transformative journey we embark upon.

Leveraging Filipino culture

The group recognizes that culture is not just a backdrop; it’s a strategic advantage. Drawing from their Filipino roots, they infuse warmth, hospitality, and a strong work ethic into their business endeavors. Whether it’s a client meeting or an internal brainstorming session, the team brings a touch of Filipino hospitality to every interaction.

“Our culture is our compass,” says Salas. “It guides us in decision-making, fosters collaboration, and ensures that our business practices remain grounded in authenticity.”

Competing in the UAE market

The UAE market is a bustling hub of innovation and opportunity. The group’s strategy is clear: to stand out by embracing their uniqueness. They’ve successfully positioned themselves as a bridge between East and West, drawing on the best of both worlds. Their products and services reflect the vibrancy of Filipino craftsmanship, combined with the efficiency and precision expected in the UAE.

The companies behind the vision includes Malaya Technical Solutions, a pathfinder in IT solutions, infrastructure, technology, security, and surveillance. Malaya Technical Solutions’ commitment to excellence ensures that businesses stay ahead in the digital landscape.

There’s also Miles & More Trading, a powerhouse in supply chain management, import, and export. Their expertise extends to international supplier relations, with a special focus on oil and gas equipment trading, building materials trading, automotive parts trading and hospitality equipment trading.

Completing the conglomerate is Buntal Business Solutions: knocking in e-commerce, retailing, and product development. Their portfolio spans beauty products, fashion, lifestyle, and local Filipino goods. Buntal’s fusion of innovation and tradition resonates with consumers across borders.

Giving back: A core commitment

Along with Salas and his partners Harold Sindac, Reddo Galos and John Japsay, this group isn’t just about profits and market share. Their hearts beat for social responsibility. Through their connections with several orphanages and foundations in the Philippines, they’ve pledged a percentage of their profits to support education, healthcare, and community development. It’s their way of giving back and ensuring that their success has a ripple effect beyond boardrooms and balance sheets.

“Business isn’t just about transactions,” Salas emphasizes. “It’s about transformation. We want our legacy to be one of compassion, empowerment, and positive change.”

Inspiring the next generation

As Salas reflects on their journey, he shares a message for aspiring entrepreneurs and the young generation: “Dream big, but dream together. Surround yourself with like-minded visionaries. And remember, success isn’t just about climbing the ladder; it’s about lifting others up. Let’s build bridges, break barriers, and create a legacy that echoes through generations.”

The group’s commitment to excellence, cultural pride, and social impact is a beacon of hope for the business landscape. With Salas at the helm, they’re not just running a company; they’re shaping a movement—one that celebrates heritage, embraces innovation, and leaves no one behind.

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