Bayan Kimamao, 50, is a Covid-19 survivor in the UAE.


Video: Dubai Police hails Filipino hero nurse who beat Covid-19


DUBAI – The Dubai Police on Thursday (August 6) released a video hailing as a “hero” a Filipino nurse and Covid-19 survivor who works at Dubai Central Prison.

Bayan Kimamao’s story was reported on in June.

On Thursday, Dubai Police said the 50-year-old expat and his family in the Philippines received full support as he fully recovered from coronavirus.

“Bayan is one of the heroes in the Dubai Police who work tirelessly in the first line to defeat Covid-19 pandemic,” the Dubai Police said.


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شرطة دبي تولي مواردها البشرية وخط الدفاع الأول اهتماما منقطع النظير، بيان كيماماو مسؤول وحدة التمريض بالمؤسسات العقابية والاصلاحية أحد الموظفين والذي اصيب بفيروس كورونا المستجد ودخل في غيبوبة لاكثر من شهر وتمت متابعة حالته وتقديم الدعم الكامل له ولأسرته في الفلبين طوال فترة إصابته وحتى خروجه مشافى معافى #شكراً_خط_الدفاع_الأول . Dubai Police pays unparalleled attention to its human resources and frontline workers. Bayan Kimamao, Head of the Nursing Unit at the Punitive and Correctional institutions, who was infected with the new coronavirus, was monitored during his treatment after a month-long coma battling COVID-19. Dubai Police provided full support for him and his family in the Philippines during his treatment until he fully recovered.

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Cheating Covid-19 death

Kimamao’s colleagues at Dubai Police where he has worked in the past 26 years thought they were going to lose him after his condition deteriorated.

The Filipino nurse, however, defied all odds to recover from coronavirus in June. He cheated death after coronavirus left him in a coma for a month.

A fully recovered Kimamao thanked God for giving him a second life, saying “no one expected me to live”.

He recounted the “nightmare” that he underwent while he was unconscious, saying he felt like he was drowning. He also thought he heard the nurses and doctors urging him to wake up.

Prior to his ordeal, the Filipino nursing supervisor was testing new prisoners for coronavirus when he contracted the virus.

He only found out that he contracted the virus after coming to work on April 17 and being subjected to thermal scanning that showed he had high temperature.

He was then taken to a health centre where he tested positive for coronavirus.

Feeling no other symptom except for fever, Kimamao even drove to the American Hospital in Dubai to have himself admitted.

He remembered eating breakfast in his hospital room the next day, but fell into a coma shortly after that. He woke up four weeks later on May 20.

Doctors said Kimamao had a severe case of Covid-19, causing his kidneys to shut down. He was placed in the intensive care unit and had to undergo dialysis. His lungs were also drained of fluid.

The medical team that treated Kimamao has called him a “survivor” as he recovered slowly but surely.

“It’s clear that God did not forget him,” said colleague and Dubai Police Health consultant Dr Ali Sengel. ICA/Expat Media

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