US: Supreme Court blocked new restrictions on abortion pill

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US court blocked new restrictions on abortion pill

President Joe Biden commended the Supreme Court’s decision to prevent additional restrictions on a commonly used abortion pill from being imposed by lower courts as his administration defended the drug’s open availability in the most recent bitter legal dispute regarding reproductive rights in the United States.

In a quick ruling, the justices granted the Justice Department’s and Danco Laboratories’ emergency motions to stay a preliminary injunction imposed by US District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in Texas on April 7.

The judge’s ruling would have severely restricted the availability of mifepristone while the federal regulatory approval of the pill is being contested in court by anti-abortion groups.

“As a result of the Supreme Court’s stay, mifepristone remains available and approved for safe and effective use while we continue this fight in the courts,” said Biden said in a statement by the White House.

The Biden administration is attempting to defend mifepristone against the growing number of abortion bans and restrictions passed by Republican-led states since the Supreme Court reversed the historic ruling that had made the procedure generally legal in June 2022. It was written by Alito.

The current case has been sent back to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, which will hear arguments on May 17. After the 5th Circuit rules, the losing party may take the matter back to the Supreme Court for review.

Mifepristone was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a US government body that certifies the safety of food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. According to the challengers, the FDA improperly approved mifepristone and later eliminated important controls on what they refer to as a deadly medicine.

More than half of all abortions performed in the US are medication abortions, which involve the administration of mifepristone together with the medicine misoprostol. The medication can also be used to treat miscarriages. KD/Expat Media

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