Philippine embassy lambasts ‘Madam Secretary’ episode for ‘highly negative portrayal’ of the Philippine president


MANILA – A fictional Philippine president gets punched in the face by also fictive US official in an episode of the TV series “Madam Secretary” that will air on Sunday (Monday in the Philippines).

The episode dwells on the dynamics between longtime allies – the Philippines and the US.

In the 20-second teaser, US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (played by actress Tea Leoni) holds a closed-door meeting with Philippine President Datu Andrada (portrayed by Filipino-American actor Joel dela Fuente) in a supposed room at Malacañang Presidential Palace in Manila.

Dela Fuente is one of the three sons of Filipino immigrants and was born in the US. He has appeared in “Space: Above and Beyond”, “Hemlock Grove” and “Kempetai”. He has recurring appearances in the TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Before getting punched in the face, President Andrada was leering at McCord then he approached her while McCord was unaware as she was picking up her bag on a table.

The next scene shows an angry Andrada with a bloodied nose.

McCord told her staff and her husband played by actor Tim Daly about what happened and consulted them about coming forward about the incident. “I clobbered a world leader instead of saving a major regional agreement,” McCord told her husband.

Meanwhile, the controversial episode has drawn flak from the Philippine Embassy “for its highly-negative portrayal of the Philippine president.”

In a statement, the embassy said: “The Philippine embassy in Washington DC wrote to CBS Corporation today, March 6, 2017, to strongly protest the highly negative depiction of a character purported to be the Philippine president in the next episode of the TV series ‘Madam Secretary’.”

The rest of the statement is as follows: “While ‘Madam Secretary’ is a work of fiction, it tracks and mirrors current events. It is, therefore, inevitable that its depiction of world leaders will have an impact on how its audience views the real personages and the countries they represent.”

“In view of the injurious effects that this program will have on the interests of the Philippines and the Filipino people, the Philippine embassy urgently calls on CBS to take the necessary corrective actions.” GAC/Expat Media


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