UAE mobile number 0587777777 sells for Dh3.2 million

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Mobile number 0587777777 generated a frenzy of bids at the auction. EMIRATES AUCTION

UAE’s most expensive mobile number for 2024 sold for Dh3.2 million

The UAE’s most expensive mobile number for 2024 was sold for Dh3.2 million at a recent charity auction in Dubai that saw a frenzy of bids.

The auction on Sunday (March 24) to support the Mothers’ Endowment campaign also saw 10 fancy car number plates and 20 other special mobile numbers sold for a total of over Dh38.095 million.

“Lucky” mobile number 0587777777 generated a lot of bids, with the number 7 considered an auspicious number that also corresponds to the seven emirates of the UAE. A fierce competition started with a bid of Dh100,000. Within just seconds, bidding reached Dh3 million until it was eventually sold for Dh3.2 million, the highest price fetched for a mobile number at the auction.

The most expensive mobile number sold at auction was Etisalat’s 0507777777 which sold for a charity auction in 2014 for a staggering Dh7,877,777.

During Sunday’s auction, mobile number 0545555555 was the second highest to be sold for Dh2.875 million. Other mobile numbers with 7 also fetched high prices. Here’s how much they fetched at the recent auction:

0587777778: Dh305,000
0587777770: Dh290,000
0569111111: Dh285,000
0548888881: Dh250,000
0587777772: Dh190,0000
0587777774: Dh180,000
0587777776: Dh175,000
0587777779: Dh165,000
0587777775: Dh160,000
0561444444: Dh150,000
0545555551: Dh125,000
0587777771: Dh120,000
0568888800: Dh105,000

The Most Noble Numbers’ charity auction was organized by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, in collaboration with Emirates Auction and with support with the Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, etisalat by e& and du. ICA/Expat Media

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