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Job scams in UAE: Victims pay Dh300 for fake interviews


DUBAI – Dozens of jobseekers took to social media on Sunday (June 21) to share their experience of job scams in the UAE amid rising unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook user Unika Iha warned jobseekers of at least four recruitment agencies inviting people on fake job interviews in Sharjah before asking them to pay fees.

“If someone invites you for an interview, please don’t go. You will just waste your time and money to reach the venue. They will ask you to pay them a processing fee,” she warned.

Iha said the scammers ran their operations in Sharjah Tower and Khalifa Building in Sharjah’s Abu Shagara area, and the Mukhawhi Building in Al Qasimiyah.

Ali Lyn Landong echoed the same sentiment. “Sad to say I have gone for an interview in these places. It’s really a scam,” Landong commented on a Facebook group for jobseekers.

Bobby Baliwag, one of the victims, said he went for an interview in the Abu Shagara area and was asked to pay Dh300 for a guaranteed job placement.

“I said I only have a NOL card. The recruiter then suggested I can make a down payment of Dh50,” he recalled, adding it was at that moment he knew it was a scam.

Cris Adrian Delamide, another victim, said he was asked to pay Dh200 at one of the so-called job interviews.

“Usually if it is a scam, they’ll ask you to go to their office and then when you’re there, they’ll ask you to pay a fee. This is based on my experience,” said Manilyn Ferrolino Ordonez. The Filipina advised jobseekers to ask for an online interview instead.

UAE authorities have repeatedly warned residents against an increase in fraudulent activities since the onset of coronavirus. ICA/Expat Media


Filipinos in UAE warned of fake job interviews 

Authorities urged residents to ignore scam messages and to refrain from sending or giving money.

How to spot a recruitment scammer

1. Sends email or WhatsApp invitation for job interview you didn’t apply for

2. Contacts you through social media sites

3. Uses poor grammar in their correspondence

4. Uses email addresses like,,

5. Requests for money to be paid in advance

6. Doesn’t have a direct telephone line

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