UAE issues 14 new rules for National Day celebrations

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The Ministry of Interior has issued a set of rules for motorists and revelers on the celebration of UAE National Day.

The UAE National Day is on December 2, but authorities have announced a paid public holiday from December 2 to 4.

According to the ministry, those who violate rules on public order will be fined. Motorists who violate rules will also face fines, and their vehicle will be impounded. Here are the rules:

Avoid marches, random gatherings

All marches, unauthorized parades and random gatherings are not permitted.

Follow traffic rules and police instructions

Revelers must strictly adhere to traffic rules and unquestionably follow police officers’ instructions

Do not use party sprays

The use of any spray (party spray) by the driver, passengers, or pedestrians is strictly prohibited.

Don’t change your vehicle’s appearance

This includes avoiding changes to the licence plate, vehicle colour, windshield tint.

Don’t use stickers on your car

The use of stickers, signs, or logos on a vehicle is prohibited, except for National Day stickers under specified rules. Do not cover the vehicle’s side, front, or rear windows with stickers or use front sunshade.

Don’t overcrowd your vehicle

Do not exceed the permitted vehicle occupancy limit. In Dubai, private car occupancy limits are determined by the vehicle’s seating capacity, and each passenger must wear a seatbelt.

Don’t stick out from windows or sunroofs

Strictly refrain from exiting through your vehicle windows or sunroof at any point.

Avoid car modifications

Vehicles must not be equipped with modifications or additions to the exhaust system or additions that may compromise engine structure or visibility.

Do not cause traffic delays

Avoid disrupting traffic or closing roads to others.

Avoid stunt driving

Doing stunt driving on both internal and external roads is strictly prohibited.

Don’t raise any other country flag

Raising of flags of any country other than the UAE is strictly prohibited.

Scarves are not allowed

Do not wear scarves, except for Union Day.

Avoid creating noise

Keep the volume of chants and songs at a minimum, allowing only those related to Union Day.

Don’t use any other flag as shop decoration

Decoration shop owners are explicitly forbidden from installing any poster or flag, except for the UAE flag or Union Day posters. ICA/Expat Media

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