Schefferville Trading management thanked employees with bonuses during the pandemic.


UAE company gives bonuses, iPhone amid Covid-19 crisis


DUBAI – While the Covid-19 outbreak triggered mass layoffs and pay cuts in many companies, employees of Sharjah-based company Schefferville Trading, a house of Eyevex Safety, took home big bonuses and even an iPhone 11 during the pandemic.

The UAE-based manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment rang in massive sales as demand for medical-grade masks and sanitizers spiked since March, their biggest in their 21-year operation. Eyevex Safety PPEs and sanitation products were supplied to various hospitals, clinics and offices in the UAE. The company’s round-the-clock logistics services earned it a certificate of appreciation from Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) and Nirvana Travel & Tourism.

“Aside from the cash bonus, I also got an iPhone 11 for achieving the highest sales target for the month,” a smiling Melanie Inductivo Matias, Export Executive, told

High-performing staff got up to four-figure bonuses, apart from the monthly cash incentives. Matias said the extra money came in handy, but that more importantly, she was grateful the company was able to be of service to UAE and GCC residents and businesses during the pandemic.

“We are blessed that our operation is continuous and that we are able to supply PPEs to help our front liners and the people at work,” Matias said.

Rhodiemae Brin Gonzales, another executive at the company, said she sent her cash bonus to her family in the Philippines.

Schefferville Trading management (inset) thanked employees with bonuses and incentives during the pandemic.

For Deepak Uday, Marketing Executive, the biggest reward was still having a job in a company that is helping dress up the UAE’s frontliners for protection.

What does she plan to do with her bonus? “I am planning a trip with my family,” she said.

Shylaja Udaya Bhanu, Managing Director of Schefferville Trading, said work for the PPE provider these past few months has been “very demanding”, with her staff working round-the-clock at times to deliver orders.

A lot of coordination was done remotely as businesses implemented social distancing measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, she said.

“Unfortunately, the entire world has been affected with this pandemic. Being a PPE company, we had to make sure we were able to meet the demands of the market at that moment,” Shylaja told

“Whatever we had targeted for a year we achieved within three months. It was really a kind of boom period for us. Sometimes we couldn’t meet the demand. It was that huge,” she added.

The managing director said it was only natural that the company would give back to the employees for “putting so much effort”. “Whatever we earned, we were sharing with our staff,” she said.

She described the staff bonuses and incentives as “a token of appreciation for the effort they put to keep the company stable at a time when most of the companies were sinking”.

Meanwhile, Schefferville Trading CEO Dr. Uday Bhanu said companies trying to survive the economic slump during the pandemic should work with their staff, and vice versa.

“Companies should show appreciation to staff keeping the business afloat, while staff should also appreciate the company for securing their future,” Dr. Uday said.

The businessman also said companies should not forget to reach out to communities during these challenging times. Schefferville Trading was among the UAE-based companies that provided free food to many labour camps during the pandemic, in coordination with various associations and NGOs approved by the Community Development Authority. ICA/Expat Media

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