UAE: How to claim home or car insurance due to rain, flood damage

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A flooded community in Sharjah on April 20,2024. SHARJAH MEDIA

In the UAE, damages caused by rain, floods and other natural disasters are generally covered by insurance policies, such as vehicle insurance and home insurance.

The UAE’s Civil Transactions Law makes it legally binding for insurance providers to grant insurance claims due to weather-related damages to property and vehicles.

How do you know if you have comprehensive insurance policy that covers natural calamities and how do you navigate force majeure that can impact your insurance claim?

It is important to carefully review your insurance policy in order to understand its scope and coverage. It works to your advantage if your insurance policy covers force majeure events. This refers to events or circumstances beyond control, such as natural disasters, war or strikes.

Insurance policies must explicitly include coverage for force majeure events, like rain or flood damage so that insurance providers are legally obligated to grant your insurance claim. Here’s how to make a claim.

How to claim vehicle insurance

Step 1: Get a police certificate on rain damage

In Dubai, you can get a To Whom It May Concern certificate through the Dubai Police app or website. In Sharjah, the certificate is issued for free via the Sharjah Police app or website. In other emirates, contact your local municipality or police station for assistance.

Step 2: Document the damage.

Take photos or videos of weather-related damage to your vehicle.

Step 3: Contact your insurance provider to report the damage

Step 4: Submit required documents, including copies of your vehicle registration card, driving license, and police report or certificate.

How to claim home insurance

Home insurance policies in the UAE cover a range of damages, including fire, disaster and theft. There are two kinds of insurance: Building Insurance, which covers the physical structure of your home, and Contents Insurance, which insures your personal belongings, including furniture and appliances, in case of natural disasters, fire, theft and other circumstances leading to damage or loss.

Step 1: Report the incident

Contact your insurance provider to report the incident.

Step 2: Take photos or videos of the damaged property

Document the damage by taking photos and videos.

Step 3: Submit necessary documents, including accomplished Claim Form, a copy of your home insurance policy, Title Deed (for homeowners) or Rental Contract (for tenants), your report with a description of what happened and estimated value of loss, and police report (in case of theft)

Step 4: Wait for the insurance provider to complete property survey. ICA/Expat Media

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