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UAE amnesty for visa violators ends in November


DUBAI – The amnesty deadline looms for holders of residence visas, visit visas or tourist visas that expired before March 1 to exit the UAE, with the grace period set to end on November 17.

On August 17, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) extended the amnesty period for another three months, or until November 17. Click here to view announcement

The UAE has extended the amnesty period to allow visitors and expats with visas that expired before March 1 to leave the country without paying fines.

Amnesty seekers were previously given until August 18 to leave the country without having the pay fines. They now have until November 17 to leave the country.

The amnesty applies to “all violators” whose visas expired before March 1, said Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, director general of Foreigners Affairs and Ports for ICA.

The amnesty applies to visit visa, tourist visa and residence visa violators, including business contract violators and those who fled from their sponsors.

They will not be banned from re-entering the UAE when they decide to return, said Al Rashidi.

He previously said that amnesty seekers will need to be accompanied by their sponsors while applying for their departure permission, while investors and owners of violating companies have to cancel the violators’ status.

For those with UAE residence visas that expired between March 1 and July 11, the deadline to renew their visa ended on Sunday (October 11). This includes residents who lost their jobs during that period. Those who failed to renew their visa during the grace period will start to rack up fines from Monday (October 12). Read more

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How to apply for amnesty in UAE in 2020

To exit the UAE, amnesty seekers must book their travel tickets, confirm their boarding passes; and travel from any of these airports: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

I have an expired residence visa. How do I apply for amnesty?

Book a one-way ticket through the airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, then go to the airport with a valid passport and  your one-way ticket.

I have an expired tourist/visit visa. How do I apply for amnesty?

For Dubai: Report at a special checking station 48 hours before departure. Bring your passport, copy of expired visit visa or tourist visa, and airline ticket. The checking stations are located in:

– Civil Aviation Security Centre, Dubai Airport, Terminal 2

– Deportation Centre, Dubai Airport, Terminal 2

For Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah: Report to the airport six hours before departure. Bring your passport, copy of expired visit visa or tourist visa, and airline ticket.

Who are exempted from going to the checking centers?

People under the age of 15 and people with special needs.

What number can I call for amnesty information?

You can call the toll-free number 800453 between 8am and 10pm, except on holidays.

How soon should I arrive at the airport?

You should arrive not more than four hours before your scheduled departure time.

What should I bring with me?

Your airline ticket. Only ticket holders will be allowed to enter the terminal building. You are also required to wear a facemask and a pair of gloves.

What is the fine for overstaying your visa in the UAE?

Visa overstayers will incur a fine of Dh25 per day. When leaving the country, the fine is Dh250 plus Dh25 per day.

What is the amnesty all about?

The amnesty lets anyone with a visa that expired before March 1 to exit the UAE without paying fines.

When is the amnesty period?

From May 18 to August 18, 2020. As of August 17, it has been extended to three more months, giving violators the chance to leave the UAE until November 17 without incurring fines or blacklist.

Who can avail of amnesty?

Anyone holding a UAE tourist visa, visit visa or residency visa that expired before March 1, 2020 can avail of the amnesty if they leave the country on or before November 17.

What about visa law violators?

The amnesty also covers visa law violators, if the violations took place before March 1.

What if my visa expired after March 1?

Read updated rules here.

What if my visa was cancelled before or after March 1?

You will need to exit the UAE before August 18 if you no longer wish to stay in the country and would like to leave without paying fines.

What if my visa was cancelled before or after March 1 and I still want to stay in the UAE?

You will need to apply for a new residence visa, visit visa or tourist visa in order to continue staying in the UAE. Read updated rules here

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