Travelwings offers Eid Al Fitr holiday discount to Filipinos in UAE

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Dubai-based travel agency Travelwings is rolling out exceptional holiday packages this Eid Al Fitr to take customers on an “enchanting journey without bounds”.

One such vacation package is the “Blissful Israel”, which Travelwings considers the “crowning glory” of its Eid specials. Filipino customers in the UAE will get a discount of up to 10 percent.

“Israel holds a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. With our ‘Blissful Israel’ package, our customers get a chance to explore the less travelled paths of Israel, unravel its ancient mysteries, marvel at its rich heritage, awe-inspiring architecture and more,” a Travelwings spokesperson said.

“The land of culture never fails to captivate the heart of travellers. It leaves an imprint that lingers long after the return flight home. No wonder, the ‘Blissful Israel’ holiday package is a crowd favourite of our Filipino community,” the spokesperson added.

Israel is one of the most dynamic countries in the Middle East, attracting many visitors for its historical and religious sites, sandy beaches and eco-tourism. It is home to the world-famous Old City in Jerusalem, and the popular Dead Sea.

The exotic destination is also a culinary hub that every foodie must visit at least once. It offers the perfect mix of cuisines for food lovers, from humble joints dishing up classic Middle Eastern hummus and mezze, to fine dining restaurants serving exquisite contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Travelwings and Filipinos in UAE

Travelwings is a bespoke online tourism brand that specialises in delivering unique travel experiences. A pioneer in the world of online travel, the brand is driven by the vision of offering travellers a wholesome holiday experience including competitive prices, round-the-clock customer service, innovative categories, tailor-made packages, unique travel experiences, and more.

Albert Fernando, founder and CEO of Travelwings, built the brand with a passion for travel and a hyper-sensitivity to the customer experience. While Travelwings caters to travellers from around the world, the brand has always had a close relationship with the Filipino community since its inception.

“As we went on to grow across 32 countries globally, we were fortunate to keep on serving the Filipino community throughout our journey. We hope to continue catering to our Filipino patrons through our diverse offerings,” Fernando said. Travelwings has hosted numerous events to nurture its relationship with the Filipino community, whom it considers its most valued customers and an integral part of the brand’s growth.

Headquartered in Dubai with offices across the globe, Travelwings is a rapidly growing, technologically innovative travel company equipped with more than 25 years of expertise, a seasoned team, a well-knit network, and excellent supplier relationships. Since its inception, the company has recorded over 300,000 bookings annually, catered to more than 1 million travelers, and gained a strong foothold in 32 countries, including the Middle East, South Africa, Morocco, Mauritius, and many more. Travelers can go to for more deals and info. PR/Expat Media


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