Social media celebrity Khalid Al Ameri with Layla.


Surprise from Emirati star sends Filipina to tears


DUBAI – A Filipina household worker in the UAE was reduced to happy tears after getting a surprise from Emirati vlogger Khalid Al Ameri.

In a video on Friday (April 24), the social media influencer said he wanted to do something special for his housemaid, Layla, last December.

Al Ameri described Layla as a “special human being” in his household. The Filipina from Mindanao province in the Philippines has been working for Al Ameri for years.

Layla broke into a huge smile after Al Ameri said that he was going to pay for her three balikbayan boxes, or care boxes, for her family in the Philippines.

What was she putting inside the boxes? “Food, shoes, clothes for my kids,” she said.

“And we have one more thing we want to give you,” Al Ameri said before handing her his biggest surprise—an e-ticket “to take your balikbayan boxes to your kids”.

Layla cried as she hugged Al Ameri upon learning that she was getting a free flight to the Philippines along with Al Ameri.

The duo flew to the Philippines on December 26, with Al Ameri spending a day with Layla’s family in Mindanao and sharing a meal in their home.

“When she got there, the box didn’t matter anymore. What I learned most is this balikbayan box is a story of strength. There are millions of Filipinos around the world who work tirelessly every single day to provide for their families. Families that they don’t see for sometimes months or years,” Al Ameri said.

“But what I think would add to that box today is the strength that it holds for millions of Filipinos around the world. The ability to spread love and smiles and joy no matter where they are,” the Emirati added.

Watch the video here:

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