Supercar Blondie put paint on a pendulum swing to add a splash of color to her Rolls Royce.


Ugly Dubai Rolls Royce paint job shocks netizens


DUBAI – Hundreds of people expressed shocked after social media influencer Supercar Blondie recently released a video of the “pretty nerve-wracking” paint job on her Rolls Royce.

“I decided to paint my Rolls Royce using a pendulum,” Supercar Blondie said, showing the aftermath of the green paint drip all over her white and black luxury car with Dubai plate number T 6104.

“This is just like claws down the side,” she said, inspecting the green paint dripping down the side of the car.

“Can you imagine seeing this for the first time as it rolls up to valet,” she said with a guffaw, adding, “I’d look like a crazy person if I drove this down the highway”.

My New Rolls Royce Paint Job!

OK so I decided to paint my Rolls using a pendulum 🤣🤷‍♀‍. Pretty nerve-wracking 😬😬 Thanks to Carbonov Design

Posted by Supercar Blondie on Sunday, July 19, 2020

The video, which has gotten more than 166,000 comments as of Wednesday (July 22), drew mostly negative reactions from viewers.

Richard Hall said the paint job “totally ruined a beautiful car”. “The green paint is horrible,” Nubia Machin added.

“That is friggin horrible. Wtf? Are you guys 3 years old? Louis Robichaud commented.

“Terrible. That car is a work of art. Why would you desecrate it that way,” Sabina Gagliardi Nocera said.

James McCray called it a “dope concept with poor execution”, which Shane Hornquist called “an awful waste of paint”.

“Not great. It looks like it’s been vandalized,” Pia Rolfe commented. Suvrat Rai said the influencer “destroyed a car with this [expletive] paint job in the name of being artistic”.

“Rolls Royce refused to service John Lenon’s psychedelic Phantom V and they should do the same to this monstrosity,” said Liam Mellor.

Viewer Mark Hoffman hoped it was all a prank. “Please tell us this was a joke, Blondie?”

There was no further comment from Supercar Blondie as of this post. ICA/Expat Media

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