Project ``The Line`` costs a whopping Dh3.7 trillion.


7 most expensive megaprojects rising in Saudi Arabia

The world’s most expensive megaprojects are taking shape in Saudi Arabia, which will certainly change the whole country as a new era of establishments will commence.

From an oil rig destination to a new cosmopolitan district and gigantic theme parks, these extravagant projects are bound to change the lives of residents, not just in Saudi Arabia but in the world!

Here is our list of the seven most expensive megaprojects in Saudi Arabia:

The Line: Dh3.7 trillion

This high-tech city, which Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud announced in 2017, is the centerpiece of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 post-oil diversification strategy, which aims to lessen the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

The Line, constructed near Neom in northwestern Saudi Arabia, will cover a total area of 26,500 square kilometers and extend to the borders of Egypt and Jordan. It will have more than 450km of shoreline and is more than 35 times the size of Singapore.

What to expect

Neom will contain sections devoted to emerging technologies in 16 industries, including biotechnology, food, manufacturing, and technology. The construction village will include green areas with orchards, vegetable gardens, and flowerbeds, as well as a variety of sporting facilities, including fields for cricket and football, gyms, and tennis and basketball courts.

The Line will open in 2025.

Trojena: Dh1.8 trillion

Trojena - Saudi Arabia

The Asian Winter Games 2029 will take place in Trojena, which will also be a destination that merges natural and artificial landscapes. Trojena, 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba, will provide outdoor skiing and adventure activities all year round.

What to expect

Trojena includes an artificial freshwater lake and “The Vault,” a folded village blending technology, entertainment, and hospitality. Six separate districts will be found, each centered on unique experiences that combine real and virtual advances in engineering and architecture.

Trojena will open in 2026.

Qiddiya: Dh29.3 billion

Qiddiya - Saudi Arabia

Qiddiya was constructed on five key pillars: sports and wellness, nature and environment, parks and attractions, motion and mobility, and arts and culture. It aspires to be a center for entertainment, sports, and the arts.

What to expect

A “record-breaking” Six Flags theme park with 28 rides and attractions spread across six themed zones will be opened. The Kingdom’s first aquatic theme park will be very significant in history. It is anticipated to be the biggest and will include 23 rides and attractions. Luxury tent retreats, animal encounters, outdoor exploration and adventure will all be available at Qiddiya.

A speed park will have an FIA Grade 1 racetrack for enthusiasts of motorsports and a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course that is accessible to both professional and recreational golfers.

The Riyadh-based project is also building many artistic and cultural institutions, including a performing arts center, a multiplex cinema, festival grounds, and an arts complex.

Qiddiya will open in 2023.

The Rig: Dh18.4 billion

The Rig - Saudi Arabia

Although a vacation on an oil rig might not sound like your typical vacation, it will undoubtedly be the one you will remember. The Rig, situated on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, is literally an oil rig.

What to expect

The Rig, which will have three hotels, adventure sports, and an underwater restaurant, will be the world’s first oil rig-themed tourist destination. This is the largest offshore multipurpose structure in the world, at 150,000 square meters. Visitors will need to take a ferry, yacht, or helicopter to get to the venue, for it has its own helipad.

The Rig will open in 2025.

The Red Sea Project: Dh18.4 billion

The Red Sea Project - Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea Project is one of the most ambitious regenerative tourism projects the world has ever seen. Thus its magnitude is appropriately vast. It is positioned halfway between Umluj and Al Wakh in the Tabuk province.

What to expect

A leading destination for eco-luxury, the Saudi Arabian megaproject is anticipated to span 28,000 kilometers of islands, beaches, deserts, mountains, and even volcanoes. The plan includes zero waste to landfills, single-use plastic, and carbon neutrality.

The Red Sea Project is drawing a lot of hotels. With the addition of Grand Hyatt, The Red Sea and Miraval The Red Sea, Hyatt Hotels intends to expand its portfolio in the country. Additionally, the Red Sea’s Shura Island will be home to the Faena Red Sea Resort.

The first phase of The Red Sea International Airport will open in 2023.

Al Widyan: Dh18.4 billion

Al Widyan - Saudi Arabia

Al Widyan is Riyadh’s “city within a city.” This will become the capital’s cosmopolitan district, covering an area of seven million square metres. With 12 districts and more than 50 percent of the land area set aside for open space, the mixed-use city and leisure destination in Riyadh’s northern expansion corridor will be centered on a sizable Central Park built around the natural wadis of Al Widyan.

What to expect

Al Widyan will have residences, offices, entertainment, leisure, retail, and educational services. Al Widyan’s 20,000 high-rise and low-rise dwelling units are aimed at young families, students, creatives, and entrepreneurs and will be primarily walkable.

This will be the biggest shopping and entertainment complex in the world. Large-scale theme parks, water parks, recreational facilities, a variety of dining options, and the most recent artificial intelligence technology will all be included in the development.

Al Widyan will open in 2025.

Amaala: Dh6.2 billion

Amaala - Saudi Arabia

Amaala, a massive undertaking in the Tabuk province’s Red Sea region, will border the city of Neom and the Red Sea Project inside the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve, assisting in creating a brand-new premium travel hub.

What to expect

Amaala, the “Riviera of the Middle East,” will include 900 private villas, 1,800 hotel rooms, and a 200-store shopping district. This will also have an arts academy to support the growth of upcoming artists from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region. The three locations that make up the 3,000-square-kilometer complex will each have its airport and cater to upscale travelers.

The project is expected to create up to 22,000 jobs, which will open in 2028.

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