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The Roads and Transport Authority has said that driving while feeling exhausted or drowsy is one of the top killers on the roads.


The RTA said these exhaustion and drowsiness are listed among the most serious factors leading to traffic accidents, particularly during Ramadan when the concentration rate of some motorists drops due to body changes.

How do you avoid these factors while driving? Here are the RTA’s top tips.

  1. Take sufficient amount of rest before driving.
  1. When you feel tired or drowsy, stop driving immediately and never continue driving unless your mindset allows you to do so. Driving while feeling exhausted is like driving under the influence of drugs.
  1. Ensure that the interior of the vehicle is air-conditioned as a hot interior makes you feel tired.
  1. Avoid reclining the seat more than needed, and try to keep your back straight and head up while driving.
  1. When Maghreb prayer time sets in while driving, you better stop, and take a light meal to break your fast before resuming your journey.
  1. Always anticipate a sudden movement from the vehicle in front of you, especially cyclists and motorcyclists.
  1. Most accidents that take place during Ramadan are attributed to the lack of leaving sufficient distance. Therefore ensure that a safety distance is maintained between you and the vehicle in front.


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