M.C. is a recovering Covid-19 patient in Dubai.


Roommates left me: Filipino Covid patient in Dubai


DUBAI – In his 21 years in the UAE, this is the only time that Filipino expatriate M.C. (full name withheld) has ever felt like a pariah.

“All my roommates left when they learned I tested positive for Covid-19,” the Dubai-based technician told in an exclusive interview on Saturday (April 25).

“I do understand where they are coming from. They just want to protect their health, so I don’t have any ill feelings towards them,” he said.

The Filipino had shared a room with eight others in an apartment in Dubai. Currently, he is isolated in the room. Even his daughter, who lives in another neighbourhood, is not allowed to visit him.

“Thankfully, a Filipino couple in the other room took pity on me and have been including me in their meal plans. They just leave the food outside the door. Everything is served on disposable plates and utensils,” he said. They communicate via WhatsApp, he added.

“If not for them, I may be dead by now because there’s no way I can go out and buy food. I can’t even use the common kitchen,” he said.

Contracting Covid-19

The Filipino said he has no idea how he contracted Covid-19. “I don’t really know how I got it because I have been very careful, even our workplace has strict sanitation practices,” he told

The Filipino, 52, said he went for testing after experiencing muscle aches and sore throat that persisted for days.

“I thought it was just normal stress from work, but I went for a medical test anyway. My test came back positive for Covid-19, but I was advised to go on home quarantine as my symptoms were mild,” he said.

M.C. says he is feeling better and has been doing regular exercise within the confines of his room.

He will pass his 14-day quarantine in a few days, but plans to spend 14 more days in isolation and then get another test to make sure he is Covid-free.

The Filipino said that the Philippine Consulate has been in touch to check up on his condition. He plans to avail of repatriation when he gets the chance but will wait for advice from his employer on how they can help him post pandemic.

“After my quarantine period, I want to move to a bigger apartment in Ajman to build up my immunity,” he said. “Long term, I am considering going back to the Philippines for good. This ordeal has given me a new view in life. I might just work as a tricycle driver or sell street food. At least I will be closer to my family,” he said. ICA/Expat Media

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