At Ya Lu Jiang Barbecue in Al Barsha, Dubai.


Best kept Dubai foodie secret: Unlimited Korean hotpot and barbecue in Al Barsha. We checked out the recently opened Ya Lu Jiang Barbecue


DUBAI – I’ve never been big into Korean hotpot and barbecue but a recently opened restaurant in Dubai had me planning my next visit even before I finished my food trip there.

The Expat Media team was recently invited to try out the unlimited hotpot and barbecue at Ya Lu Jiang Barbecue in Al Barsha, just a few buildings away from the Mall of Emirates. Here’s how it went:

The foodie experience definitely surpassed our expectations. Let’s begin with the clean and spacious restaurant interior. Nothing like great ambiance to set you in the mood. Dining areas were divided into sections, with tables for four, a party room, and various family rooms. There’s karaoke in one of the rooms, too! Clearly, they designed the place with food and fun in mind.

Speaking of food, this really offers bang for the buck. Unlimited hotpot goes for Dh49, while for Dh64 you get that plus unlimited barbecue. Everyone could also help themselves to unlimited cola and fruit juice, various desserts, sauces and a buffet that included Asian street food.

I was impressed by the vast array of sauces, and three huge sections for fresh vegetables, various tofu, fruits, mushrooms, seaweeds, cuts of meat, dumplings and seafood. “Take all you can but eat all you take,” the sign read.

What really took this experience to the next level for me was the high-tech tables that allowed everyone to share the barbecue at the centre, while giving each diner the convenience of having their own hotpot. This means that I could put crabs, shrimp and other seafood in mine, while my colleague, who is allergic to crustaceans, could have other things in his hotpot. At the touch of a button, I could control the heat for my hotpot, too.

Inhaling fumes wasn’t an issue since each table has an exhaust fan directly above the grill to suction off any smoke. During our visit though, the AC had broken down in the building, but thankfully there were big fans blowing cool air in the restaurant.

What helped cool our temper was the friendly service here. It was spot on, with attentive waiters and waitresses ready to guide you on how to mix your hotpot, which ingredients to pick, and also refill your hotpot soup stock any time.

When I asked for help in picking something unusual that I might have missed in the ingredients section, one of the servers handed me a bowl of uncooked isaw, a popular Filipino street food made from chicken intestines, to add to my DIY barbecue. It was as if she could read my mind!

And did I mention they have sushi and maki? Speaking to, Melissa Ding, one of the business partners at Ya Lu Jiang Barbecue, said her favorite is the hotpot and sushi. “I also love the chicken feet. I know some people don’t eat this but it’s really delicious,” she said.

“You’ll definitely feel at home here,” Operations Manager Jules Saguan promised.  He was right. As we were diving into our hotpot and barbecue experience, the team was already talking about our next adventure in this gem of a find in Al Barsha. Can’t wait for our next visit. PIA/Expat Media

The score

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Location: 4.5/5

Don’t miss it

What: Hotpot and barbecue in Dubai
Where: Ya Lu Jiang Barbecue
Price: Dh49 for unlimited hotpot, Dh64 for unlimited hotpot and barbecue
Location: Al Barsha, Telal 5 Building, 6A Street (next to Millennium Hotel)

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