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Repatriation for jobless Filipinos in UAE: How to avail


DUBAI – Filipinos left jobless in the UAE due to Covid-19 may seek the assistance of the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Philippine Consulate in Dubai to be repatriated.

The Philippine Embassy and Philippine Consulate said that although “repatriation of workers is the primary responsibility of their employers”, Filipinos who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic may get in touch with their offices in the UAE to “assess their situation”.

“The Embassy is ready to assist all its compatriots and will do everything possible to help them weather this crisis,” the Philippine Embassy said in a statement sent to

The Philippine missions said they will ask the Philippine government for funds to buy tickets for individuals with no means to buy their one-way ticket home. “When funds are ready, repatriation efforts will begin,” according to the Philippine Embassy.

The Philippine Embassy also reminded Filipinos who wish to be repatriated to be firm in their decision before getting in touch with the missions.

Meanwhile, OFW advocate Warpeace Arnold urged Filipinos in the UAE to seek repatriation help as their first recourse in case Covid-19 has left them struggling to live abroad.

“Those on no-work no-pay status but still have a residence visa have this chance to go home for free, rather than take their chances here with no money and no food,” Arnold told “They can always go back when things are favorable. If they get sick here this time, it will add to their worries,” she added.


Who are qualified for repatriation?

Those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis and have no relatives or friends in the UAE who can provide assistance.

How do I ask for assistance?

For Filipinos in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, send an email to [email protected]

For Dubai and Northern Emirates, send an email to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can also contact OFW Advocate on WhatsApp: +971506347714

What does the UAE law say for those who lost their jobs due to Covid-19?

The Philippine Embassy and Philippine Consulate say: Under UAE law, your employer must buy your airline ticket back to the Philippines. They may book your flight through Emirates or Etihad, which has opened limited flights to the Philippines. You do not need to call the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate since these special flights are allowed by the UAE and Philippine governments.

I lost my job due to Covid-19 but don’t want to be repatriated. What help can I get?

Filipinos in the UAE who lost their jobs or “have experienced job displacement” due to the coronavirus pandemic will be getting a one-time cash assistance of Dh730 ($200) from the Philippine government though the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Dubai and Northern Emirates (POLO Dubai) and POLO Abu Dhabi. Applications for cash assistance are now being accepted. Click here for details on how to apply

Cash assistance for Filipinos in UAE: How to claim Dh730

I am on visit visa or tourist visa in the UAE. Who can help me?

The Philippine Embassy and Philippine Consulate say: Ask help from your relatives, friends or sponsoring travel agency in order to buy an airline ticket back to the Philippines. You can book your flight directly through Emirates or Etihad.

I have been forced to go on unpaid leave, or on a no-work no-pay scheme. What kind of help can I get?

POLO Abu Dhabi and POLO Dubai are providing food assistance as long as funds last. Click here on how to avail

Food assistance for Filipinos in UAE: How to avail

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Cash assistance for Filipinos in UAE: How to claim Dh730

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