Ramadan: Egyptian man commemorates mother’s death anniversary with picture on Ramadan lantern

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Tamer Issa’s Ramadan lantern with his mother’s picture. ULF TODAY

Man remembers dead mother with picture on lantern

An Egyptian man commemorated his mother’s first death anniversary by creating a huge lantern that was more than three meters long and included an image of her.

Tamer Issa placed the lantern in front of his mother’s house in the Oreen village of the Shubrakhit Centre in the Buhaira governorate.

Tamer claimed that the idea first occurred to him as the holy month of Ramadan approached, marking the first anniversary of his mother’s passing.

He revealed printing out large portraits of his mother and adhered them to the lantern, along with the words: “Your Ramadan is in Paradise, InShAllah, mother.”

“This idea is the least I can offer to my mother, and the prayers of the passers-by for mercy and forgiveness [are sufficed] for me,” said Tamer.

At nighttime, the lantern emits lights to mark the beginning of Ramadan, in addition to broadcasting verses of the Holy Qur’an and some religious supplications with the voices of the most famous singers in Egypt. KD/Expat Media

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