From the YouTube cartoon Dina and the Prince.


‘Racist’ YouTube cartoon sparks outrage


DUBAI – A popular children’s YouTube channel is in hot water after its video sparked outrage for the “racist” storyline of a girl who becomes black after she gets cursed.

Dina and the Prince, uploaded on My Pingu TV, was still online as of Wednesday (July 24) and has gotten more than 417,000 views and 13,000 dislikes. Viewers are calling for its removal on YouTube.

The fairytale tells the story of a woman who marries a prince but a curse prevents her from talking to him lest she loses her beauty. When she finally talked to him, her skin turned dark, and her straight hair became curly. Her face is also covered in scars.

“Now I’m ugly,” she told the Prince, who told her he will love her for who she is, thus breaking the curse and turning her back into a white woman with straight hair.

YouTube users slammed the 13-minute video for its racist content.

“Why does she have to be black to define ugly? I’m very offended,” a user called Scorpius Malfoy commented. “Dark skin and curly hair is beautiful! Blatant racism is what’s ugly!” added another.

“I cannot believe in 2019 when such sensitive issues such as race and colorism within race is widely discussed this ignorant and self-hate proned message is being approved for children to watch. Trying to define beauty with skin color is horrendous,” said YouTube user Morrison Josh, calling for the cartoonist and program head to be fired.

“This is actually so disturbing. Imagine being in 2019 and still trying to perpetuate the stereotype that black women/darker skin tones are ugly and undesirable,” a user said.

“Please mind how you are defining beauty to our little ones. You just insulted black people with this stunt,” another user said.

There is yet no comment from My Pingu TV as of press time. DAJ/Expat Media


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