Former pilot Patrick Pawelczak is now doing odd jobs as a construction worker and delivery man.


From pilot to construction worker: Man’s Covid-19 career switch


DUBAI – A Spanish pilot who lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic inspired thousands of people after he shared his journey to an entirely unexpected career.

“That’s how my uniform changed over the past year,” Patrick Pawelczak of Barcelona, Spain, said on LinkedIn, posting a composite photo of himself wearing his crisp pilot’s uniform, alongside a shot of him in paint-splattered construction clothes, and another one with him carrying stacks of Amazon boxes.

Pawelczak has been doing odd jobs as a construction worker and delivery man to make ends meet. It’s a stark career change for the Spaniard, who was one of thousands of pilots made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic that hit the global aviation industry.

“From flying people for their holidays, through delivering for Amazon to construction work (or as the Spaniards – or rather Catalans say: paleta),” he said.

“And [to] think that not too long ago I have been complaining about the night flights and that I only flew 700 hours that year,” he said.

Pawelczak worked as first officer for Go2Sky from July, 2018 until he was made redundant in 2020 at the onslaught of the pandemic.

His recent post has trended on LinkedIn, reaching 10 million views, getting nearly 300,000 reactions and more than 8,000 comments.

The Spanish man, whose profile photo indicated he is still “open to work”, said the experience taught him that “we learn to appreciate only when we lose it”.

“Yes, life is tough—especially nowadays—but that’s no reason to give up. We have to fight – for yourselves and for our families,” he said. ICA/Expat Media

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