The newly opened Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) in Cebu, Philippines.


Philippines’ longest bridge in Cebu cuts travel time to 9 minutes instead of 1 hour


CEBU – The longest bridge in the Philippines—the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)—is now open and motorists say it drastically cuts travel time to 9 minutes instead of one hour.

“It took me around nine minutes to cross from Cebu City to Cordova using the new bridge, and we were driving slow at that,” Catherine Sibi, a Cebu City resident, told

“During rush hour, it usually takes about one hour to reach Cordova from Cebu City on normal routes, and about 45 minutes on normal traffic hours,” Sibi compared.

The CCLEX toll bridge spans 8.9 kilometers and is also known as Cebu-Cordova Bridge or the Third Cebu-Mactan Bridge connecting Cebu City and Cordova, which has a distance of 20km.

Motorists, residents and tourists alike have hailed the bridge as a quick gateway to Cebu’s numerous tourist spots and breathtaking wonders, including natural white sand beaches.

“The views are amazing when traveling through the bridge during sunrise. It’s like time travel. On one side you see the bustling metropolis of Cebu City, and on the other side you see the laidback beauty of Cordova,” Claire Jabonero told

“Traveling through CCLEX made me proud of the development of Cebu. The bridge is a symbol of the strength of Cebuanos; it was still standing even after typhoon Odette,” Jabonero added.

The CCLEX bridge has been featured by National Geographic as the “bridge of tomorrow” for its integrity by design. Construction of the behemoth bridge started in 2018 at a cost of P30 billion. It opened to the public on April 30, and is Cebu’s third bridge.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte inaugurated the monumental bridge on April 27; a historic date for Cebuanos that coincides with the 501st commemoration of the Kadaugan sa Mactan. The event marks the victory of Filipino warriors in Mactan under chieftain Lapulapu against the Spanish armada headed by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

This bridge has large crosses on all four sides of the cable-stayed main bridge’s twin pylons. These crosses, which lights up at night, are about 40 meters high.

According to Danish architecture firm DISSING+WEITLING architecture, which conceptualized the bridge’s design, the bridge’s crosses pay homage to Cebu City landmark Magellan’s Cross, where Magellan planted the Philippines’ first cross.

The CCLEX toll bridge has been designed to be earthquake resistant and vessel collision-proof. It has a height of 51 meters as navigational clearance for large vessels to pass underneath the bridge.

Registration for the CCLEX toll system is ongoing (click here to register). Currently, toll bridge users need to pay by cash. Those who will pass through CCLEX are advised to prepare the exact toll fee.

According to CCLEX, the approved rates are:
* P90 for Class I vehicles such as cars, jeepneys, pick-ups, vans, and motorcycles. The CCLEC is still looking into how much of a discount to give for motorcycles under 400cc.
* P180 for Class I vehicles above 7ft in height (except when the top load is recreational equipment such as bikes, surfboards, and the like which must be securely fastened and not intended for commercial use)
* P180 for Class II vehicles such as light trucks, tourist/school and public utility buses.
* P270 for Class III vehicles such as heavy and multi-axle trucks and trailers.

Motorcycles with 125cc to 399cc engine displacement will be allowed to pass starting in July this year. There is also a sidewalk for pedestrians and bikers that is free of charge and will be opened in July.

Currently, the maximum speed limit is set at 60kph. The bridge has 24/7 traffic patrol crew and emergency team.

This engineering marvel is not just a tourist attraction that presents a scenic view while traveling but will definitely provide convenience as it eases the flow of traffic and allows further economic growth for Cebu. FAY/Expat Media

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