BTS V and Olivia Rodrigo interaction during 'Butter' performance

PHOTO BY Ghetty Images

Olivia Rodrigo receives hate from BTS fandom

BTS V and Olivia Rodrigo’s brief moment during the ‘Butter’ performance at the Grammy Awards has sent some BTS fans over the roof.

The beginning of the performance shows the ‘Driver’s Licence’ singer sitting alongside the Kpop singer.

V whispers to Olivia’s ear as the camera panned to her and she gasped.

While other fans were saying how jealous they were of Olivia, the others took it to the next level and commented hate remarks on posts about the female singer. Some went all their way into her Instagram account to send hate.

BTS fans who were not supportive of the hate expressed their disappointment in the fans who participated in the negativity.

“So many immature fans. I’m an ARMY and I want BTS to have free will interacting with opposite genders” A netizen commented on a post on Pop Culture and Videos.

Filipino fans, on the other hand, have said they won as Olivia Rodrigo is known to have Filipino roots.

Three Filipino American singers were nominated this year, H.E.R, Bruno Mars and Olivia Rodrigo.

“My Filipino heart is so happy. First, it was BTS meeting Bruno Mars, then Olivia Rodrigo and H.E.R. at the Grammy’s” A netizen tweeted following the Grammy Awards.

Some fans also pointed out V’s shaking hands during the interaction insinuating that V was nervous during the performance. JMS/Expat Media

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