O! Millionaire grand prize increases to Dh94 million

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The O! Millionaire grand prize increased to Dh94 million this week after the seven winning numbers in the recent draw went unmatched.

On January 18, the winning numbers drawn were 1, 4, 5, 28, 29, 31 and 35. Meanwhile, a guaranteed cash prize of Dh100,000 was awarded to the holder of Green Certificate number 2MKY PVVQ. Watch the live draw here:

“The O! Millionaire Green Draw is known for providing winners with life-changing experiences. It’s incredible to see how these prizes transform the lives of participants, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and live the life they have always wanted. Although no one has won the grand prize yet, there have been numerous winners who matched six out of seven numbers. Every week, the raffle draw also guarantees one Green Certificate holder a prize of Dh100,000. Testimonies can be seen at the O! Millionaire YouTube channel as well,” according to O! Millionaire.

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Participants can enter the O! Millionaire’s weekly draws with a purchase of a Dh25 Green Certificate that serves as their entry to the “first green draw on Earth”, while also contributing to the expansion of Oasis Park, a self-sustaining tree sanctuary.

Matching all seven numbers will earn you the grand prize, while choosing the Double the Grand Prize and Secure the Grand Prize options at checkout lets you double the grand prize cash and keep the full prize money in case of multiple winners. The minimum winning numbers to match is 3 to get a prize. Participants can check their winnings at omillionaire.com/wallet.

Oasis Park and Global Stocktake in UAE

The recent Global Stocktake at COP28 in the UAE brought to light the immense efforts and positive outcomes in the journey towards a sustainable future. Under the landmark UAE Consensus, discussions emphasized the need for collective action to address climate change, with a clear path to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Fossil fuels are gradually being phased out, marking a significant step toward a cleaner Earth.

Oasis Park, a leading force in the green revolution, emerged as a key player in this global effort. The message from COP28 resonates with the mission of Oasis Park: collective action is essential to help the Earth and create a sustainable future. Oasis Park invites individuals to join this movement by supporting the initiative through O! Millionaire Green Certificates.

By purchasing O! Millionaire Green Certificates, participants actively contribute to real action. Oasis Park, as sponsored by O! Millionaire, is planting 500 trees in India every week, with plans to expand this impactful afforestation to the rest of the globe. This initiative plays a crucial role in global afforestation, contributing to the larger goal of creating a sustainable and green future. Watch the full report here to know more about Oasis Park’s green mission:

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