O! Millionaire: Grand prize hits Dh94.5 million

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The grand prize for the O! Millionaire draw has increased to Dh94.5 million this week after the top prize remained unclaimed in the latest draw.

The draw for the Dh94.5 million prize will be held on Thursday (February 1). Meanwhile, during the January 25 draw for the Dh94 million prize, the winning numbers were 14, 17, 19, 21, 26, 32 and 38. A guaranteed Dh100,000 was awarded to Green Certificate holder YSVD PURD. Watch the live draw here:

The O! Millionaire draw takes place every Thursday at 8pm. The minimum numbers to match are 3 out of 7 in order to win a prize that participants can check in their O! Millionaire wallet omillionaire.com/wallet.

A unique feature about O! Millionaire is the ability of participants to choose to Double the Prize, which means they can double their winnings for up to Dh200 million. Participants can also Secure the Prize, which means that they will not be sharing the prize in case of multiple winners.

Biggest grand prize on Earth

O! Millionaire continues to excite its participants through its raffle draws where anyone around the globe can win up to Dh200 million, all while making the planet a better and greener place.

Every Dh25 spent on O! Millionaire serves as an entry to the draw, while also contributing to the world’s first self-sustaining green sanctuary called Oasis Park. Oasis Park has started its forestation efforts in India and is set to continue transforming all desert regions around the world into thriving forests.

Who is the rightful owner of Earth?

The weekly Oasis Park feature focused on answering the question: “Who is the rightful owner of the earth?” D. Saravanan, a dedicated environmental steward, believes Earth belongs to the future generation.

As a farmer’s son from Tamil Nadu, India, he witnessed the gradual loss of trees and drying lands in his village. In response, Saravanan initiated a remarkable journey in 1994, planting indigenous tree species over 30 years to transform a vast desert into the flourishing green sanctuary known as “Aranya.” Covering 100 acres, this forest stands as a testament to Saravanan’s belief that the Earth’s rightful owners are the future generations who will inherit its legacy.

Oasis Park seeks to become the new-generation Aranya, with its visions aligned to the purpose of saving the planet. Watch the full report here:

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