Social media influencer Nuseir Yassin.


Nas Daily criticizes Al Jazeera Arabic for ‘fake news’ that he’s an Israeli agent


DUBAI – Popular Palestinian-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin, has accused Qatar news channel Al Jazeera Arabic of spreading “fake news” against him.

Nas Daily said that the state-sponsored media accused him of being part of the “Israeli propaganda” and also paid to boost views on a video to discredit him.

“I can’t believe this is happening to us! This is fake news targeted at us by a government,” Nas Daily said in a video uploaded on Wednesday (October 21).

The social media influencer dismissed claims made in the recent Al Jazeera video, and called the media outfit a Qatar-funded news organization out to promote hate.

In the Al Jazeera video, an Arabic-speaking “expert” is seen accusing Nas Daily and Nas Academy as being part of an Israeli propaganda training people to love Israel.

“That is comical!” Nas Daily said, “In reality, Nas Academy is a great new startup that we started to create more creators! To teach people how to make videos. To teach people how to tell stories, so they go and create their own videos and become their own Nas Daily. That is the truth!”

In July, Nas Daily’s Nas Company launched the Youth YouTuber Program for the New Media Academy in the UAE. The two-week YouTuber Programme covers what it takes to be a full-time content creator. He also posted two viral videos on travel to the UAE and the country’s recent space exploration programme to Mars.

Nas Daily is not the only one who has accused Al Jazeera of being a state-sponsored media promoting misleading news. Forbes also made a similar accusation.

Al Jazeera TV and news website have been blocked in the UAE since 2017 after authorities accused the media outfit of being used to promote fake news and false ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since August, the UAE has abolished the Israel Boycott Law and normalized relations with Israel following a historic agreement hailed as a breakthrough to promote peace in the Middle East. ICA/Expat Media

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