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Monday is the worst day to schedule meetings

Many of us schedule meetings on Mondays to plan for the week ahead, but studies show it might not be the best day for these appointments. Here’s why:

Not everyone is in work-mode

Although you might be ready to dive into work, not everyone shifts into “work mode” as quickly.

It is better for creative ideas

Monday mornings tend to be more creative than other days of the week, making them better suited for ideation rather than meetings.

Higher rate of no-shows

Team members are often out of the office on Mondays, leading to a higher rate of no-shows.

So, if not Monday, when should meetings be scheduled?

Based on a CNBC study of 2 million responses and 500,000 meeting invites, the prime day and time for meetings is Tuesday at 2:30pm. This time slot is neither too early in the week to lose impact, nor too late to act on what was discussed.

If you can’t schedule your meeting at 2:30pm, mid-afternoon and mid-week meetings tend to be the most productive. GP/Expat Media

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