Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.


From Miss Universe to musician: Catriona Gray’s advice on a career start or restart


DUBAI – If you’re just starting your career or switching careers, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has an empowering message to help you set yourself up for success.

The former beauty queen recently released her version of the song Raise Your Flag (RYF), which was originally performed by KZ Tandingan and Kritiko and inspired by Catriona’s own words at the Miss Universe pageant.

On Tuesday (June 1), Catriona spoke to in a virtual press conference from her hometown of Australia to talk about her foray into the music industry and her career advice. Watch it below:

“I’ve loved singing ever since I was little. I just never thought I had what it takes to be a singer up until I was about 18 years old,” Catriona said.

“I would just sing a lot at the house, I would always love listening to music. all throughout my academic life, I would always be in choir in school, and be part of musicals and recitals, and I was lead of my jazz band in high school,” she shared.

Catriona, however, admitted that as a recording artist, she still considers herself “such a newbie”. Here’s a snippet of the Q&A:

Expat Media: You said earlier that you felt like a newbie in the music industry and that you felt you were starting all over again with your career in music. I guess a lot of people can resonate with that, not just the fresh graduates right now but the people out there who, in this recent pandemic, have been forced to switch careers. What advice would you give someone who is just starting their career in music or in any career for that matter?

Catriona Gray: I want to encourage you that I think that everyone starts that way. I don’t believe anyone started at being an expert or professional at anything. It always starts from the ground up. So I hope to encourage you with that.

Just like being on stage in pageantry. I did not walk like that five years ago. It was something that I had to learn step by step. And it’s just like that with any career.

As long as your action plan really involves you know trying to find educational resources and trying to work on and improve your skills in any way you can, that way you are preparing yourself and setting yourself up for success.

There’s something that I’ve always resonated with and that is the formula of preparedness plus opportunity equals success. So in whatever way you can prepare, that could be talking to people in the field that you are hoping to go in, and getting their advice and experience. You’ll find that there are a lot of people who are more than happy to pass on their wisdom or their knowledge to someone and be a mentor to someone. I think mentorship is a very valuable resource.

[Have] further education, even if it is just a free resource online like reading and then just continue working on yourself. If the opportunity hasn’t yet presented itself, have faith that it will, in God’s perfect timing. Because there is a small aspect of luck there. But if you are prepared and the opportunity does come along, I really am confident that you’ll be successful because you have done that work prior.


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