Miss Universe El Salvador admits mix-up in Top 5 graphics

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The Top 5 candidates of Miss Universe 2023. MISS UNIVERSE

Miss Universe El Salvador apologized on Thursday (November 23) for a controversial mix-up in its social media post announcing the Top 5 candidates.

The apology from Miss Universe El Salvador page came four days after the controversy stirred the ire of fans who claimed that the pageant was rigged after Miss Philippines was replaced with Miss Thailand in the Top 5 graphics card in the last minute.

“Our mistake! In the rush to get our posts up during Saturday’s live broadcast, we accidentally mixed up the names of two finalists,” Miss Universe El Salvador said in a social media post.

The now deleted post of the Miss Universe El Salvador account included Philippine candidate Michelle Dee in the Top 5. It was immediately replaced by a graphics card showing Thailand’s Anntonia Porsild, who won first runner-up, on the list.

Miss Universe El Salvador said “this was a simple error of moving too fast.”

“[W]e heard the same results live at the same time that you all did, no special access over here! We’re sorry to both finalists,” it added.

Many pageant fans expressed disappointment over the error, and pointed out that both candidates were so distinct it was “almost impossible to make an honest mistake”.

The Miss Universe Organization has not commented on the issue as of this publication. However, Miss Philippines Dee took to social media to try to diffuse the situation: “There should be no room for error but the reality is that we live in an imperfect world. My request is not just to be respectful to the delegates but to the supporters [who] are so passionate about this platform as well. But again, everything happens for a reason and its’ just a matter of seeing it as a lesson or a blessing. So always act with love, kindness and respect.”

Dee finished in the Top 10 of the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador, marking the Philippines’ return to the semi-final round with her performance. She won three special awards in the pageant: Voice for Change, Spirit of Carnival Award and Miss Universe’ fan vote. ICA/Expat Media

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