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Has Bangladesh found a cure for new coronavirus?


DUBAI – A team of doctors in Bangladesh claimed to have found “ground-breaking” medicine to treat Covid-19 and is working to have it international recognized.

The doctors used parasite-killing drug called Ivermectin, along with antibiotic drug Doxycycline with “near miraculous” results on Covid-19 patients.

“We have got astounding results. Out of 60 Covid-19 patients, all recovered as the combination of the two drugs were applied,” Dr. Tarek Alam, head of medicine department at Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, told Press Trust of India.

Currently, medicine manufacturers around the world are racing to create a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus. No vaccine has yet been acknowledged by the World Health Organisation.

However, the Bangladesh medical team was a “hundred percent hopeful” about the effectiveness of its combination of drugs to treat coronavirus, adding that the same drugs were also used during the SARS epidemic.

Dr. Alam explained that the drugs were given to patients with respiratory problems who later tested positive for Covid-19.

“My team was prescribing the two medicines only for coronavirus patients, most of them initially reporting with respiratory problems with related complaints, later to be tested Covid-19 positive,” he said.

He claimed that with their new treatment, the patients recovered within four days and did not experience any side effects.

“We first ask them to be tested for Covid-19 and when found coronavirus positive we apply the drugs . . . they are recovering within four days,” he said.

Dr. Alam said his team has been contracted by government regulators and is working to get scientific acknowledgement of the drugs for Covid-19 treatment. ICA/Expat Media

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