Maute Group terrorists proving to be tougher than expected, Marine official says


MANILA – The country’s military is having a tough time ending the war against Maute Group terrorists who have taken over Marawi City since May 23.

Maj. Rowan Rimas, an operations officer of the Philippine Marines, told reporters that the Maute terrorists, who are linked to the Islamic State, have made bombproof tunnels, anti-tank weapons in mosques, abducted residents who are used as human shields, and are knowledgeable of the terrain.

It’s been more than two weeks since the terrorists attacked the capital of the central Mindanao province of Lanao del Sur, burning a school, cathedral and the city jail and taking more than 200 residents as hostages.

When the siege happened, the military vowed to end their operations against the Maute Group members in a matter of days.

President Rodrigo Duterte imposed Martial Law on Mindanao for 60 days as a result of the attack

Rimas said: “The advantage of the (enemy) is their mastery of the terrain. They know where even the smallest alleys lead to and they are free to go around. They know where the government forces are coming from and where they are taking cover. They have snipers and their positions are well defended.”

Meanwhile, the military is continuing their operations against the Maute terrorists.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the military had hoped to end the battle against the terrorists last weekend but the rebels are “showing far more resolve.” GAC/Expat Media


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